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    Darren, Topeka Kansas

    "We had hail damage last Spring which totalled the roof on our house. I called Nathan at Covenant and was very pleased with his professionalism and the extent that he helped us through the entire process.  He also suggested several helpful upgrades and recommended the highest quality materials.  The roofing crew were very respectful and cleaned up the property when they were finished.  They did an excellent job on the roof."

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Plywood sheathing

Radiant barrier Plywood sheathing

At Covenant we pride ourselves in staying current on new products that benefit our customers. As one example, Radiant Barrier decking makes sense in terms of energy efficiency. As energy costs continue to increase, radiant barrier decking is a viable option for homeowners who are looking long-term and want to lower their energy costs year to year. This material is similar to a standard sheet of OSB plywood; however, on the side facing the attic, foil is adhered to the plywood to help prevent heat from making its way into the house.

Radiant Barrier Sheathing     
LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing Infographic

LP TechShield Sales Sheet English

Installing this material is estimated to reduce monthly cooling costs by as much as 15-20%. The most practical use for this application, is where wood shake roofs with spaced decking are converted to a new composite or other shingle system. However, we are not limited to only this application and, upon homeowner request, we can install this material and help improve the efficiency of your home. Ask your project manager for further details. Please click on the link above to see the products we use extensively.

radiant barrier foil

Radiant barrier Installation

At Covenant we look beyond your roof and examine options to help our homeowners increase the efficiency in their homes.  Having our technician install a radiant barrier in your attic over your existing insulation serves a two-fold purpose: (1) In the winter, it holds the heat in and reduces your heatings costs; (2) In the summer, its reflective properties keep the heat from warming up the insulation and keeps the living space below cooler. Results may vary per household; however, reports suggest as much as a 25-40 degree temperature decrease, lowering homeowners utility costs.   

Radiant Barrier Foil       
Radiant Guard DataSheet


installing soffit baffles and ventilation

At Covenant, we believe attic baffles are essential in many homes today. Newer homes are less drafty than older homes, and interior moisture can be a concern. One example of increased moisture in the attic is when there are multiple bathroom exhaust fans emptying into the attic space, which is not vented properly from the soffits to the ridge. We routinely find this in larger homes that are more gabled or segmented.

Often times when the insulation is sprayed in an attic, the installer does not account for the soffit or intake vents, and simply applies the insulation over them. This blocks air intake into the attic space, and can lead to the formation of mold and wood rot. In most cases we find out only after the damage has already been done.

To install the baffle, our technician staples the baffle in between the rafters and positions the mouth of the baffle over the top of the soffit vent so that the intake air will remain unobstructed, pushing the warmer air out through the exhaust vents, such as a ridge vent or standard box vent.

Attic Baffles       

How Attic Baffles Work







what makes Covenant different?

Our installation crews are knowledgeable, clean, and recognize the importance and respect your home and your neighborhood deserve. We never rush or cut corners to complete a job.

Each project is given the requisite attention and management necessary to accomplish the high standards that are required by Covenant. We look forward to serving you.

Latest Technology

owens corning nail difference

At Covenant, we install many different brands and types of shingles, often due to homeowners' specific requests.  However, we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and believe that we are able to provide homeowners with an affordable, high quality product that will last a lifetime.  Moreover, in 2012, Owens Corning revolutionized the composite shingle market with its newly modified "Sure Nail" strip,  which includes a strong woven fabric built into the shingle. This helps to ensure proper nailing and to avoid unnecessary leaks and potential blow-off in high wind areas. Owens Corning's new line of Duration shingles contains this new innovation, and has a rich new color palate for 2012.  This new line of shingles also comes in a hail impact rated shingle, which can lower home owner insurance costs by as much as 25% per annum.   Although we install many different types of roofing systems, we highly recommend the new Owens Corning Sure Nail line of shingles, in both the TruDefinition and the hail impact rated Duration Storm. We look forward to exceeding your expectations with this new offering.  

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gutter guards- Your Options

does this look familiar?

The Good - Standard Black Metal Screen

This is your first line of gutter defense against leaves and debris. This type of gutter screen is an excellent value for the level of protection that is provides.





The Better - Gutter Rx

This option provides a high level of defense against leaves and debris, keeping you from ever having to climb your ladder and clean your gutters.  The product is called Gutter Rx, and it is specially designed to keep water in and debris out.  This application does not require mounting underneath the first or second row of shingles like other products.  



The Best - Rapid flow

This is the top-of-the-line gutter defense system that keeps debris out and water rapidly flowing into the gutter sytstem to prevent overflow.  Covenant recommends atleast, one row, (3.3' linear feet) of ice and water shield along all eaves and valleys.  This type of system comes in different colors and serves as an excellent protectant against debris build-up in your gutters.

The Owens Corning Rapid Flow gutter defense system can be reused if new gutters are installed, it has a UV protection, it is designed for large amounts of water to flow, it is not affected by hail storms, and does not allow water access under the shingles.

This type of system is usually not visible from the ground and demands very little in terms of maintenance.




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