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Testimonials - Here's what some of our recent customers said about us...

Roberta, Wichita Kansas

"I had Covenant come out and take a look at my old wood shake roof for hail damage after many roofers knocked on my door and said that I needed to sign something in order for them to look at my roof. I was uncomfortable with this and then called my insurance agent who then highly recommended Covenant to honestly assess the damage on my roof. I am in my eighties and I wanted to make sure that I could trust the company that was up on my roof. Covenant found damage and even met the adjustor at my house to inspect the roof that next week. The adjustor totalled my wood shake roof and I had told Covenant that I did not want a "flat asphalt roof," I wanted it to look more like wood shake. The asphalt roofs just dont look as good as the old wood shakes. Nathan decided that we should go look at houses around Wichita and offered to drive me around for three hours in my car as I sat in the passenger seat. We saw every type of roof there is and finally decided that the Decra stone coated steel XD panel was what I liked and that it looked more like a wood shake roof than many of the others. I decided to spend more than what my insurance company allowed but I am so happy with my roof and my friends and neighbors are always quick to tell me how much they like it. I absolutely would recommend Covenant and Nathan to anyone looking for a new roof." 

John and Jenny, Topeka Kansas

"I am so glad we chose Covenant because they made the whole process of getting a new roof so easy.  I am very busy with a full time job and 2 young kids at home. Covenant dealt with my insurance company directly so I never had to call them.  I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend Covenant to anyone who is needing a new roof.  The whole process was so smooth and it was so nice that they took care of the billing and insurance for me." 

Gerry and Mickie, Topeka Kansas

"I had called my insurance agent and he arranged for his adjuster to come by and inspect my home for hail damage.  His final result was damaged to gutters and downspouts but no damage to roof. I contacted Covenant for a free inspection and Nathan found hail damage.  Nathan contacted my insurance company for a second opinion and Nathan met the inspector when he came to my house. The second opinion found a lot of damage that required the roof and gutters to be replaced. Covenant’s crew did a great job of cleaning up after applying the roof, including nails. The process was made easy with Nathan’s help.  I would recommend Covenant to anyone." 

Robert, Topeka Kansas

"I couldn't be more happy with the service and the job!  The upgrade was REALLY the way to go!  If you want a new roof; Covenant is the way to go!" 

Cory and Katherine, Topeka Kansas

"I can't thank you enough for the job Covenant did for us. The service, advice, and help with our insurance company was fantastic from beginning to end. Since I know nothing about roofing and don't have much experience dealing with insurance companies we truly appreciated having an experienced professional walk us through it and explain to us in simple terms what we needed and why. Without you I don't think I would have know or appreciated the importance of installing a hail impact rated roof, and the radiant barrier plywood has drastically reduced the heat in our attic. My wife was particularly pleased with the care your work crew took to insure we suffered no damage to the rest of our house, bushes, and patio equipment. I have heard a lot of stories of destroyed shrubbery by roofing crews but ours was careful and cleaned up meticulously. Thanks for all you help.." 

Jay and Bonnie, Wichita Kansas

"Covenant came out after my Insurance Adjustor came out who claimed that there was no damage. I was very surprised to hear my adjustor tell me this considering most of my neighbors were getting their roofs replaced. Covenant came out, marked the hail and organized a re-inspection on my roof. The new adjustor agreed with Covenant that it had enough damage for them to pay for it. Concerning the roof, Covenant recommended that I change the color. This was difficult for us considering we have had the same roof for the last 30-35 years. They installed the Merlot roof and we are very happy with all the color this roof has in it. They also took my screens in to get them repaired. I would recommend Covenant to anyone looking for a new roof." 

Tim and Diana, Wichita Kansas

"Covenant came out to inspect our property for hail-related damage quickly after we had called our insurance agent. The report was timely and he even provided an estimate for what really fit our needs and what we were looking for. Covenant explained that our roof could be improved upon not only with the type of shingle but with the ventilation and the amount of heat that made its way into our attic. They suggested we install a new product called Polarum that kept as much as 30-50 degrees out of our attic in the hot summer months. Our roof looks great, is cooler, and looks much better than it did before. Covenant handled all the paperwork, which was a huge relief. I would recommend Covenant to anyone looking to replace their roof." 

Joe, Wichita Kansas

"I was very pleased with Covenant. They were very organized and made the process of replacing my roof very simple. This was the first claim in 25 years with Farmers. Being my first claim I had to rely on Covenants knowledge to guid me in the claim process. Covenant had a good relationship with my insurance office and also with the claim adjuster to make sure everything was accounted for. The whole process was simple and stress free for me. I am extremely happy with Covenant and will recommend them to anyone who needs to have a new roof installed."

Laurie, Mesquite Texas

"Our family is very pleased with the experience we had with Nathan at Regent Contracting LLC. He went out of his way to make sure our Mother's roof was replaced/repaired properly. He even worked with the insurance company to ensure the maximum claim amount for the job. He and his crew were professional and curtious They completed the job in just one day! Our family couldn't be happier with the experience we had with Regent Contracting and will recommend them to our family and friends."

Tom, Prairie Village Kansas

"I had leakage in my ceilings as a result of the Labor Day storm last year so I decided that it was about time to bite the bullet and re-roof my house. I responded to a questionnaire I received on the internet regarding roofing services and received responses from about five seperate roofing companies; one of them being Covenant. Consequently, I had a representative from the five companies provide me bids for the project. Two of the bids I considered more credible than the others; again one of them was from Covenant. Covenant provided not only an estimate on-line but also what they referred to as a "Welcome Pak" that provided information on the manufacturers of the materials that they used and helped explain the various line items of the estimate but also included references and pictures of their completed work. I had a representative of both favorable companies come back to the house to discuss their estimates. It was during this discussion that Nathan told me that in his opinion there was evidence of wind and hail damage on the existing roof. He suggested that I have my homeowner's agent come take a look at it. Before I made arrangements with the insurance company I called the representative of the other company to ask him if he thought that there was evidence of storm damage to the existing roof. He said no. So I made arrangements with the insurance company to send a representative out to examine the roof. Nathan was also present during the inspection to point out the locations that he thought were damaged. At the conclusion of the inspection the inspector announced that he concurred with Nathan and that he would recommend having the insurance company pay for the complete replacement of the roof and gutters. Obviously, Covenant won the bid.

I had to wait a few weeks between the time I signed the contract and the time that the work actually began. This was helpful as it provided time for my wife and I to decide on the color scheme. When work actually began it took the crew about three days to rip off two layer of the existing roofing the existing decking on the south facing half of the roof, replace the decking with an aluminum foil-faced composite board, place a heavy-duty ice and water shield within the valleys and sheds south facing roof, and place Owens Corning Storm shingles. The workers worked long hours beginning early in the morning and completing their work for the day after darkness had fallen. They kept the area fairly clean of debris and extra material during construction, and were careful to clean up the yard area of debris and nails upon completion. Nathan came by as a final check to pull a magnetic roller over the surface and looked for stray nails.

The roof looks good, all the shingles are aligned properly. There are no humps or raised areas. I had no leakage this winter as a result of the ice and snow storm in February and March. Al in all I'm very pleased with their work and especially the assistance that Nathan provided with my insurance company. I would recommend their work and services to anyone."

Richard, Topeka Kansas

"During the recent hail storm my house and my daughter's house were hit hard. The roof on both houses needed to be replaced. My insurance agent, Joe Voss, referred me to Nathan of Covenant & Construction, LLC.

Nathan was very professional. He let me know what I needed to do and I called my insurance agent to file a claim. Nathan adjusted his schedule to make sure to be at my house when the adjuster arrived, even though it was on a Sunday morning. He made sure nothing was missed by the adjuster.

He set a date and time to start replacing the roof on both my house and my daughter's. His roofing crew was right on time and very professional. Nathan came out with the crew and introduced me to them.

I was kept informed of everything being done, all the way to completion of the work on both houses. After the job was completed, I met Nathan at my house and inspected the work with him. At that time, I informed Nathan that I was a retired District Manager for Farmers Insurance Group.

I am very impressed with everything involved with the roof replacement on both houses. I would recommend Covenant & Construction and Nathan Kaberline at any time I come across someone who needs roof repairs or replacement."

Nick, Topeka Kansas

"My wife and I had been away from our residence for a few months due to the military.  While we were gone there was a hailstorm that caused significant damage to our roof.  Covenant was able to work with us while we were away from home.  They had excellent customer service and we were very pleased with the results when we returned home.  Our new roof looks great and it was all done for a very reasonable price.  I would recommend Covenant to anybody in Northeast Kansas who is looking to get their roof fixed or replaced."

John, Topeka Kansas

"Following the May storm, I had contacted several local roofing companies to get estimates on damage. The only company that called me back was COVENANT! Nathan was quick to respond and worked with my insurance company and all repairs were made QUICK!
His crews were courteous and professional. I HIGHLY recommend Covenant!"

Mark, Topeka Kansas

"Thanks Covenant" Nathan, I really appreciated you coming out, sitting down with us and taking the time to explain some options. Your company did a speedy and professional job on my new roof! Great communication, very timely, and exceptional cleanup! Roof looks great!!! Thanks."

Andrew, Topeka Kansas

"I had a great experience working with Covenant.  Nathan was very personable and was a great help during a difficult time.   He showed up on time and was there when my insurance adjuster arrived, he pointed out problems with my roof that the adjuster overlooked.  I believe Covenant saved me money in the long run.  Even though my roof was a total loss from a wind storm the work crew was in and out with minimal disruption to my home life.  Thanks, Covenant Roofing!"

Darren, Topeka Kansas

"We had hail damage last Spring which totalled the roof on our house. I called Nathan at Covenant & Construction and was very pleased with his professionalism and the extent that he helped us through the entire process. He also suggested several helpful upgrades and recommended the highest quality materials. The roofing crew were very respectful and cleaned up the property when they were finished. They did an excellent job on the roof."

Realtor/Insurer Testimonials - How our business partners feel about us...

Tracey L, insurance agent at one of the nation's largest and most respected insurers,
with these sentiments echoed by Jim and Rick, agents at another one of the nation's largest and most respected insurers.*

"Our office has had countless opportunities to work with Covenant…, and we have been consistently
pleased with each experience. We have always been delighted with the quick responses from its team of
trained professionals to all our questions. They have gone above and beyond on all our requests, and
provide excellent follow-up. From the insurance side, we have been able to get the paperwork and
documentation we need for claims quickly, which allows us to provide better customer service to our
insured's. We are very pleased to have a great working relationship with a company that holds many of the
same company values as we do."

Rick N., realtor with one of the nation's largest and most respected realty companies.*

"Thank you for your professionalism in taking care of the roof issue…,we will all be grateful when this
home closes [on time next week]."

Stan and Tom, agents at two of the largest realty companies in
the Midwest.*

"Thank you for taking care of our clients' various roofing, guttering, and siding needs-- often times in short
order just prior to closing; you've repeatedly made us look good to our client's by always providing the
timely, quality repairs and replacements as required."